Thursday, August 28, 2014

The CBC TABLOG 2: One aspect of Chennai that I would like to change

This Post is part of the CBC Tablog 2. The Chennai Bloggers Club, who are a 270 member strong blogging community have come together to celebrate this city by what they do the best - blogging. Here is a blog tag where 25 odd people each blogs on one aspect they want to change in namma Chennai and pass on the tag to another for everyday of August.

I thank Aravind Kumar for passing the baton to me, Aravind who is a food politician, blogs about both food and politics. He is a cool dude whose post are also inspired by his travels. His take on one aspect that i would like to change is found here

There are actually two parts to this post one is a different take on what others have mentioned earlier like no proper waste disposal, absence of dump sites or bins and futile storm water drains and lack of trees and garden.
Waste Segregation - yes to separate stuff that can be decomposed and that which cannot be. Organic waste amounts to 40 - 50% of all solid waste, if we tackle this waste ouselves, its reduced by fifty percent in the dump site. Now you may ask whats the point anyway the garbage guy will not take it as separated waste but dumps them together. Thats definitely a setback, the solution is simple, compost it ourselves. You might be thinking I'm going nuts, who has got the time and energy to let alone segregate it but also compost it? The goodnews is gone are days when the stench is unbearable and its yucky, today we have trendy compost pots, stench free and no non-sense, most importantly affordable, a set of 5 cost u Rs.1000. and all u have to do is you have to do is separate the waste and keep filling the pot and once its filled completely you leave it closed for 40 days, while fill the others, end of which you get manure to have your own kitchen garden or atleast a potted plant! This year has been announced as the year of Family Farming by the UN. Yes it may all sound difficult, but what is not in the beginning? Its an extra mile to secure this planet for the future generations. Now you may wonder what has it got to do with one aspect, I know it can be done in any city or town but I want Chennai to be the pioneer in such an effort.

The other part of the post is this city is both young and old, meaning its got years behind it but all the same changing and evolving with time and the people and keeping itself young. Im sure there are landmarks to showcase its youth, but what about the old? This city is historically important but the remnants of the past are few and fading fast. The olden style houses are fast vanishing and we see only high rises to occupy the growing population. At this rate only Dakshinchithra will be there to show our younger generations this is how our dwellings used to look! I ve heard that in the Netherlands the row houses by the canal were all built in the 1600s and the government gives them some maintainence money to repair and maintain them. The people even though they own it, have no right to demolish it or redo it, its part of the keeping the heritage alive. I know a lot of it is lost here but the government can start now, creating history.

I now pass on the baton to Revathi Ram who is the perfect finish to this Tablog on Madras Day Celebrations as her blog is about Madras and Music.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sorgamae endralum athu namma oora pola varuma. Happy 375th Birthday Madras.

A seed is sown, it grows into a plant and in turn a big tree. Now the tree continues to live on with the support of the earth below it and the nourishment is drawn through the roots. My roots lie in Chennai, this great old city. Whether its Chennai or Madras doesnt matter. What's in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet. Yes the place is what matters, but the names of Institutuions cant be changed for eg. University of Madras cant become Chennai University as in Naukri's website.

I am an amalgamation of many things but the one crucial thing is this city. Even though I was born in coimbatore, I ve always lived and loved this city. We are currently writing a blog tag on one thing I'd like to change in this city as part of the Madras Day celebrations in Chennai Bloggers Club.  But here is a list of the things I like about my city (with or without those changes), in no particular order:

  • I met my best friends and the love of my life here.
  • Right from education to marriage to work, I ve never had to travel to any other place in search of any of these things.
  • I can get to the beach (right from ennore till mahabalipuram) anytime I wanted. (yes it may sound cliched but I know how proud I am when we take our cousins from coimbatore, who have no beach! we've fooled people saying the beach is closed on sundays and such...)
  • There is no dearth for places to go for a day trip. Waterfalls (Tada and Conai), Birds Sanctuary (Vedanthangal), Hills (Pallavaram), Lakes (Chembarampakkam, Pulicat, Poondi and numerous nameless one near Chengalpet. Setha College?! (National Museum) and Uyir college?! - National Park (Guindy), Zoological Park and amusement parks, you name it and we have it.
  • Many complain about Chennai 's weather being hot, hotter or hottest. But I know of friends who've emigrated from Chennai and settled in the Northern Hemisphere for work, and long for sunny days.
  •  Entertainment - yes the world famous Tamizh cinema has its birthplace here, Cinemas, stage shows and theatre is abundant.
  • Fashion is different in Madras, folks dont go around looking for whats the latest, instead they sport anything thats comfortable for the chennai climate and become trendsetters!
  • The originally PTC (Pallavan Transport Corp) which is now MTC, was is and will be the lifeline of this busy city. I too was transported for more than half of my life in this public transport before i switched to my bike. The people who were my co-commuters and the conductors and drivers have taught many a life's lesson.
  • The Madras filter coffee cures more maladies that the medical community is unaware of!
  • People relatively live in peace and harmony.
At this point im reminded of Sorgamae endralum athu namma oora pola varuma song. I thank my God for blessing me with a life in Madras.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lonely....? Take time.

The above picture was taken in a stationary shop near my place, when i went to buy a ball pen. This evidently is the scribling pad to check how it writes. The above lines were obviously written by a young girl was a shocker to me. While it is really sad to see such a confident person (because she has expressed that she is a thin, beautiful and good girl) to be lonely, it serves as an eye opener to all parents, especially working parents who leave their child in the care of paid help and child care centres.

Im not here to deride working parents nor say that women are essentially needed at home for the family. Im sure all the folks slog it out at office to provide better living for their family, but just giving them food, shelter, clothing and education is not going to do the magic. The next generation which mostly comprises of an only child feels lonely even in the midst of a sea of people, then is it a cause for concern. The reason can be many but ranging from no one around to share how they feel to ''im no good', so i keep to myself from being hurt. Not only children, young adults, adults and elderly, without a rhyme or reason everyone hits this spot effortlessly. The growing no.of old age homes is a true mirror of the countless lonely people. A relative of mine very well to do had holiday resorts in ooty and thriving business sent his children to the best residential school bcoz he could afford it and it was also convinient because he and his wife were tied up with work. But now after his wife passed away his three married children sent him to a an elite swanky home for the aged where u pay a sizable amount every month and where u have your own room, room service and he has his car so he drives to the church and back and yet lives ALONE.

Did God create us to be lonely? NO. He created man and women to be friends for life. Then where did this concept of loneliness creep into the society/community. When we stopped caring for each other? Maybe I not able to pin down the list but what i do know is 'What goes around comes around". So let us reach out to our children, parents and friends despite our busy schedule. We are an amalgamation of our experiences with all others. So if we are proud of who we are let us be thankful to every soul who made it possible by taking time and reaching out. 

Friday, March 08, 2013

Stiff-neck.... anyone?

This post is not a study of the medical problem stiff-neck nor a bible study of the term stiff-necked people just my lenten reflection...

In my recent attempts to read the bible, book by book i was doing exodus and still reading... in many places this stiff-necked people repeats itself ("Although this is a stiff-necked people, forgive our wickedness and our sin, and take us as your inheritance." Exodus 34.9 ) grabbing my attention, as i'm am prune to muscle stiffness in the neck, courtesy bike riding on bad road conditions and looking at the laptop. Now the pain is excruciating, besides you go totally paralysed. You cannot lie down on your own or get up from the bed. Even lying straight is not possible you can only lie on your sides. Sitting up to have food is also very difficult. Shaking your head left to right, IMPOSSIBLE. You need help for everything! This i ve experienced not once but several times in the past 7-8 yrs.

Then why is God calling the Isralities a stiff-necked people? "I have seen these people," the LORD said to Moses, "and they are a stiff-necked people. Exodus 32:9. These people behaved like they had stiff-neck and refused to look at what is God doing...come on He sends plague after plague, not one but ten and then when the Egyptians were in pursuit He waged a war for them and finally opened a sea for them to walk dry shod to the other side. He gave food (manna), he gave them water from a rock, Then they complained against no non-veg to eat.. Then He sends Quails in the night. He guards them with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, gave them healing when they were bitten by snakes. But still failed to look at what God is doing for them. They still make idols of gold to worship.  

Whenever the bible passage is read in church or at home and when the word Israel features I put myself there, simply because Israel is a chosen people. And this same Israel is called stiff-necked and so am I, when I refuse to understand that God has a better way of doing things and its the best for me and to give thanks to all the goodness shown to me. So my prayer will be to turn my neck and head and  ''Keep your eyes on the Lord and view everyone else through His eyes''- Terry Modica
P.S. This post was started two years ago, since neck pain and bike riding and laptop viewing and not fully read the bible till date still holds good im posting it.

Women's Day, Everyday! Anybody game?

Why do we celebrate womens day? Honestly I don't know. Why the flowers, chocolate and gifts and all the fuss. Now, people don't get me wrong, I did not intend to start on such a cynical note, but i guess it sets the tone for the post. Logically it doesn't seem to fit. In the western world, people dont live with immediate families after they are 18 or even younger. So only time they get together is for christmas or thanksgiving or if somebody is terminally ill! I could be wrong, but thats my understanding. So these are days like father's day mother's day or valentine's day (yes even couples live apart, they re called travelling couple!!! husband lives in one city and wife lives in another, even if they have no children, why i specifically say that is bcos here our mothers stay in one city for the children's education sake) are celebrated so that they get another chance to be together and foster their relationship. Then again this is largely promoted for business. Card sales, flowers, gifts, expensive dinners, clothes, spa treatment etc etc.My hubby once told me that Santa Claus is dressed in RED bcoz for the promotion of Coco Cola. This is re inforced in the recent Coke ad "naan romba crazy" where a guy hands a bottle of coke to a Santa.

Anyway back to the post. Now atleast Father and Mother and Valentine are different as all human beings dont get to father or mother a child and there are celibate men and women of God who dont have a valentine. But celebrating womanhood, the woman in you etc, did we choose to be born as a woman? Traditional Jewish men at the beginning of the daily morning prayers say: "Blessed are you, Lord, our God, ruler the universe who has not created me a woman". I dont know if they still do. God destined half the crowd to be male and other half to be female and they both compliment each other, because God is both male and female (remember we are created in His image). So it is the order of life and if life has to continue they have to be together as one body. Then how can you celebrate only one part of the body and leave the other. This is one argument.

Again there are so many who wish women thro email, msg and fb but still continue to treat them like BS. I have so many examples that this post will run out of page. A friend of mine got married came to Chennai, now the only person she knows in chennai is her husband and this is the first ever time she is coming to this part of the country. This husband takes an on-site project and leaves her alone in Chennai. Later does she comes to know that he was not interested in the wedding and got married under compulsion and now settled with his girl friend in a foreign country! This i read in an internet news couple divorced because the wife gave birth to a deformed child! Whose fault is that now? How many daughter-in-laws are still ill-treated for not giving birth to a male child. Another friend got married and went to the high tech city but they were remotely operated by the father in law in down south TN. Once due to non compliance this girl was made to kneel and apologise to all village elders to save the marriage! what did the husband do? nothing. Now mind you, all this happened to well educated post graduate women, who are also employed! You can imagine the plight of other not so educated women who get beaten up by the drunk husband and robbed of their precious earnings. Like I said it will go on and on...

So I would like to conclude that treat us like human beings, as your equals ALWAYS. Thats like celebrating women's day everyday. How many of us are game for that? I guess half the crowd is gone... So we will stop taking the easy way out of celebrating one day and trashing us for the rest of the year. How we celebrate it is an entirely different post but just a few tid bits.  Make time for them, it's giving a part of your life, read somewhere so it's also very costly. Call your mom to enquire if she had her lunch, play with your daughter/son, baby sit for your friend, cook for you wife, run errands for your grandma. You want to appreciate the women in your life, give them your time.

Friday, February 22, 2013

How my Saturdays changed...

Last Saturday when I was waiting for my hubby to arrive home for lunch, I saw this child cycling away, back and forth in our campus now this is clearly an outsider, maybe there is no place near his home so he's playing about in the hot sunny afternoon when everyone is asleep.

Just then it teleported me to my childhood days, Saturdays meant fun and lots of playtime. we used to play the whole afternoons and during summer vacations the whole days, we would only go home to have water or loo breaks and of course to dress up scratches and wounds! Ice boys, seven stones, carrom on the corridor, cards on the terrace and many more....

A little up the ladder, Saturdays where cycling days, we would rent by the hour and sometimes wait for two hours to get that cycle. 

The beginning of my teen years was spent in the race to have long thick hair and spent my time in oiling and other such treatment and long baths...

When in tenth and twelveth class Saturdays meant special class in school... phew!

In my college days Saturdays meant washing, starching and ironing clothes. Matching the salwars with accessories so that during the week you dont waste much time. Also choir practise in the evenings...

Again when I started to work Saturdays were intially half working days and then turned full working days....
I think this is when i started to hate saturdays...

Then when i got married, Saturdays were cleaning days (after a year into my marriage i left the job)... wash the bathrooms, change sheets, curtains also cook full meals.

Saturdays are supposedly a day of rest as God rested on that day after creation. 

Today when i look at my typical saturday there is no time for play, no time for grooming, no time for studying/reading, no time for rest either! We still have choir practise on saturday evenings the only difference is i dont get to sing, the childrens choir that we run have their practise at our place. OMG what has happened to my Saturdays? I wanted to give the post the title how my Saturdays have evolved, but that would be an understatement, so i stuck the above title.

It's time I re-invent my Saturdays!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forwards?! they actually take us backwards in our faith

Please pass this sms, prayer, picture, story... within the next hour to 8, 12, eight to the power of 12 people...or more?!
Let's see if Satan can stop this!
"Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven." Mt 10:32 so dont be ashamed to circulate Jesus among your friends... sort of threatening after effects if you dont do it!

Now most of us have received such emails and sms s and forwarded it many times

Saint Teresa of Child Jesus's Prayer..

Mother Teresa started this novena...

The Apparition of O.L.Fatima...
and many more...
Sometimes the content is too good to resist. So i forward it by editing the above said things. Because I beleive in God and all His goodness. He is not a God of Tit for Tat... if u dont acknowledge me i will do the same.... rubbish.

The others are if you forward this something good/miracle will happen today, you will get financial help, your loved one will come back to you, blah blah... come on everyday God is working a miracle in our life. Are our eyes open to see it and give thanks (now its a post on its own). The very fact that we wake up everyday (gift of life) is a miracle! And Our God is Jehovah Jireh, He supplies our needs. "Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" Mt 6:26 I dont need to forward this message inorder to get what i want!

This whole concept of forward and get something has a bad foundation. Its like do-it-yourself-kit/toy, where God (His grace) is left out of the equation. Christianity is not about doing something to merit his love or blessing or a place in heaven for eternity. Its a relationship based on decision to love God, His ways, His people and His creation. Forwards - do they really take u forward?

Friday, July 29, 2011 will be fondly remembered

Grandmother. what does it bring to our minds? Lots of love, care and delicious food and of course home remedy for everything from dry coughs in the night to diabetes control ! Yes this post is in loving memory of my ammatchi, who passed away a year ago due to renal failure. She was 89.

As we celebrate her first year death anniversary, I am reminiscencing all the goodness she had bestowed on me. Of course after my wedding my ammachi was away and didnt really have good rapport for some reason. Even till day i feel as if she lives in one of my mama's place.

That apart, She is Maria Selvam, the last of the nine children in her family of whom many died, She used to speak very high of her brother who brought her up and educated her. She was a trained teacher and very good in tailoring and embroidery. She taught me some embroidery and crochet too. She worked as a teacher and earned Rs. 20 as her salary, all this pre-independence period! She also used to tell stories of War period when cereals and pulses became scarce and how rava idli came into existence.

Some of her remedies are hand crushed black pepper to be kept in the throat and drink hot water for dry coughs. Bengal gram when dried and powdered can be used for bathing its as good as using butter on your skin she says, she used to have bitter gourd soup without salt for diabetes control. She also taught me how to clean fish and make fish fry even when i was 12 yrs old and said it was good for the brain.

She was very prayerful and did the rosary everyday without fail. My mum and ammachi together instilled in me the praying habit, though i dont say novena after novena like them. She used to write letters (it was the only source of communication as every house hold did not have a landline) from Coimbatore especially on my birthdays and would also send some money. She encouraged me a lot, for my 10th birthday she wrote that she heard in news that the then President of India Mr. R. Venkataraman also celebrated his birthday the same day and wished that i may also do well like him. Most of all she was a strong person as she raised 6 children and got them married as my thatha died early. I learnt to be resilient like her.

I will always miss you ammachi, May you rest in the good Lord' everlasting peace.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Imitations Beware!!

Imitation means "That which is made or produced as a copy, that which is made to resemble something else". Ok i must confess it is featuring my lil baby, or shud i say she inspired this post.
1. She no longer wants to drink from her sipper but from a tumbler just like us.
2. She walks in from outside, removes her shoes and leaves them in the shoe rack following her dad.
3. wants to see herself in the mirror when dressed up just like her mom
4. does not want to sit in your lap instead wants to sit in her baby chair like we sit in our sofa
5. Wants to sing even though she knows no tune nor words when we sing along with the car radio

and the likes which are common in the households with toddlers, ask them they will tell stories... now again to the post, Children learn from imitating the elders at home and its perfectly normal infact part of their development. So beware all of us, whether be it parents or uncles or aunts or even neighbours , we have to be extra careful in all that we say and do for they are in the parrot mode of learning. They cant differentiate and say this is good and this bad. They dont even know what is good and bad. They are like a sponge absorbing everything they come in contact with.

Now the second beware of imitation(notice there are two exclamatory marks in the title) now all of us would have done imitation as part of our learning process but have we progressed or move to the next level? or are we even aware of it!? yeah its INNOVATION. Yes the art of doing something differently from the usual if not totally new or out of the box! If we did we would nt be bombarded with re make movies and re mixed classic songs or even scene lifting (from international movies) song lifting (hit songs from other languages) or even BGM lifting (latest Background score of YUDHAM SEI is from the movie The Village!) These include copying TRP increasing gameshows and reality shows from other channels!

Even though some are aware of this next level, for fear of venturing out in uncharted waters or being ridiculed or have the idea but do not have the required skill set or simply being lazy do not try it. On the contrast those who made it big where all innovators, so while we grow up emotionally from dependency to independency to interdependency, i hope we intectually grow from imitation to innovation and also make sure our children do the same!

The good news is its never too late to start, begin today even if its the dosa you make or the kolam you put, remember little drops of water make a mighty ocean :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Im no longer Trinity....

Heyya folks its been two full years since i last wrote on this blog.... hopefully i will come with a bang this time! so the very first post will be with a change in my name. I will be hence forth called Divia in the bloggers space instead of my earlier name Trinty as i have named my little daughter the same. So now you would have guessed the reason for my sabatical. Yeah im still tied up with my baby but will find time to blog. Also presenting to you my babe Trinity Yazhini Clement. Will catch yall soon

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart

This post is dedicated for my valentine.

* The baby smile you have

* The care you show when im ill

* The way you make up after a fight

* When you made time to be with me even though it was difficult with hectic schedules

* The times you cooked for me

* Your passion for singing

* Your gentle Kiss and bone breaking hug

* The freedom you give me

* The numerous night-outs and ice-creams

* All the time you left for office trips (when you come back, the love only grows)

* The 'n' no. of calls and sms' which say that you love me.....

All these and many more and in no particular order have made our togetherness wonderful and cherishable.