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If this vehicle is found driving rashly or over speeding contact @#$*&^?><~! some no...” This we would have seen invariably behind all the cabs which ply in the city on behalf of all the IT and BPO companies. Last when I met my aunt on a social visit she was telling that one of these cabs was over speeding and almost ran over her (it is a regular feature in all localities) so she decided to call these nos and gave the vehicle no., the area and the time and the date. Know what was the reply given to her? “We will inform the driver concerned!?” as if he doesn’t know he is over speeding.. and what measures they are taking? God only knows!

This Building is Rainwater Harvested” this again is sign seen on most building after the famous rule of our Ex CM. but the rule or law does not stop after issuing it rather is complete only when executed to the dot, otherwise it was better never passed. For when it passed many implemented it including my flat. But many place the co…