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Stiff-neck.... anyone?

This post is not a study of the medical problem stiff-neck nor a bible study of the term stiff-necked people just my lenten reflection...
In my recent attempts to read the bible, book by book i was doing exodus and still reading... in many places this stiff-necked people repeats itself ("Although this is a stiff-necked people, forgive our wickedness and our sin, and take us as your inheritance." Exodus 34.9 ) grabbing my attention, as i'm am prune to muscle stiffness in the neck, courtesy bike riding on bad road conditions and looking at the laptop. Now the pain is excruciating, besides you go totally paralysed. You cannot lie down on your own or get up from the bed. Even lying straight is not possible you can only lie on your sides. Sitting up to have food is also very difficult. Shaking your head left to right, IMPOSSIBLE. You need help for everything! This i ve experienced not once but several times in the past 7-8 yrs.
Then why is God calling the Isralities a stiff-ne…

Women's Day, Everyday! Anybody game?

Why do we celebrate womens day? Honestly I don't know. Why the flowers, chocolate and gifts and all the fuss. Now, people don't get me wrong, I did not intend to start on such a cynical note, but i guess it sets the tone for the post. Logically it doesn't seem to fit. In the western world, people dont live with immediate families after they are 18 or even younger. So only time they get together is for christmas or thanksgiving or if somebody is terminally ill! I could be wrong, but thats my understanding. So these are days like father's day mother's day or valentine's day (yes even couples live apart, they re called travelling couple!!! husband lives in one city and wife lives in another, even if they have no children, why i specifically say that is bcos here our mothers stay in one city for the children's education sake) are celebrated so that they get another chance to be together and foster their relationship. Then again this is largely promoted for bus…